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         1479 Airport Road
 Jacksonville FL 32218
(904) -741-5099
  5461 Hazeltine National Dr
  Orlando FL 32812
  (407) 816-1922
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EZ Park Club Program  
Car Care Services
  EZ PARK CLUB- Frequent Parker Program

Members of the EZ PARK CLUB will receive the following benefits:
Free Parking: Earn points each time you park that can be redeemed for free parking or car care services.
One point is earned for each paid day. Points can be redeemed as follows:

  • 10 Points = One day free self parking
  • 12 Points = One day free valet parking

  • Guaranteed Reservations:

    You are guaranteed space available anytime you make a reservation 5 or more days before your check-in date.

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